Northstar Global Communication - No customer service

Abilene, Texas 0 comments
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I recently moved to a new address in the same town.I have been trying to get my service changed to the new address but there is no link on their page for service changes or a customer service rep.

I feel that they are afraid of actually dealing with a customer. I actually tried to sign as a new account for which they got their payment but still have no service (or been able to get a refund).

I'm letting everyone know about their cr**py service and going to a new carrier.I wouldn't mind if they were shut down permanently.

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Northstar Global Communication - Refused to pay my down payment of $80

Accra, Greater Accra 0 comments
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l registered to join Northstar Global communications lnc,Atlanta ,GA and as part of registration to use their network to make international calls l need to pay $80 as down payment to serve as a collateral security for any debt l may incur if l cease to be a member to use their network and if there is no debt this money would be given back to me.

Since l stopped use their network to make my international call,I have writen many letters via the email to get this money but this company has decided to refuse the payment of this money.

I am really very angry about this development and would very grateful if you could force them to pay me this money

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